Kayode Salako
The Chairman of Labour Party, Lagos State, Mr. Kayode Ezekiel Salako in his address presentation, during a crucial meeting with the representatives of the NLC and TUC political commission bodies in Lagos on Thursday, July 28, 2022, said, “…The whole essence of running a political party should be to win elections.
That should be the utmost goal of any operationally serious party chairman.
If a political party is existing, but can’t win elections, it won’t only be called a mushroom political party, but a useless one.
My mission as the new chairman of the LP in Lagos, therefore, is to start running the party to win elections.
The utmost goal of me and my exco. team for the 2023 general elections in Nigeria, is to run my party well, and to make it the the next ruling party in Lagos.
I do not believe in impossibilities. It is possible and it is doable!
The divine grace of God that is upon my party and its presidential candidate, HE Peter Gregory OBI, right now can make it happen.
My utmost goal for running the LP in Lagos, is to win elections.
If I can’t will elections, then it is not worth it.
I want my name to be written in gold in the book of Nigeria’s history someday, as that son of a nobody, who came; ran his party very well, and for about the first time, he did it to win elections in Lagos State.
Or, what is the essence of me to be running the Labour Party and doing all the wahala, right now, when I cannot run it, to win elections.
My main mission is to win elections for my party. That is the place, where my fulfillment would ever lie as the chairman of the Labour Party in the state.
I am hungry for victories. I want to win elections for my party”
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