Yesterday, I saw an article in the social media authored by   “Dr” Bolaji Akinyemi about the Tollgate incident and Tinubu and I was so excited to read it because of the expected candor and intellectualism thinking it was written by the erudite and renowned  Professor Bolaji Akinyemi. However, I have read the article mid-way before I started to observe the lies, inconsistencies and envious hate being spread to promote un-necessary hatred against Tinubu and further unrest, disruption and carnage particularly in Lagos State.

Amongst the falsehood and inconsistencies written by “Dr” Bolaji Akinyemi is that in one paragraph he claimed that Alpha Beta was being paid 10% of all Lagos State taxes but only to state it is 15% in the following paragraph.
Besides, my investigations revealed that despite the lies  by the self-styled Dr Bolaji Akinyemi on the earnings of Alpha Beta, he mischievously failed to mention the tremendous efforts and diverse resources including the over 500 staffers the company deploys to support the State’s revenue  management in all MDAs. He also failed to mention the tremendous increase in Lagos State IGR since 2001 when Alphabeta  took over the tax consulting work for the State Government till date which has enabled rapid development of Lagos State.

“Dr” Bolaji Akinyemi further demonstrated his intellectual ignorance on one  hand and hatred for Tinubu on the other when he stated that Tinubu did not appear before the court to respond to Dapo Apara’s allegations relating to a court summons dated 2nd October, 2020 in the social media. But my investigations revealed that the court summons have not  been served on the respondents and, even,  when eventually served, the respondents have up to 42days from date of service to respond and furthermore they have the option of being represented by their Lawyers in court. By the way, could “Dr” Bolaji Akinyemi tell the public the name of the University he attended and where he obtained his PHD before he continues to mislead Nigerians?
Yet another of the many falsehood by ” Dr”  Bolaji Akinyemi in that article on Tinubu in which he lied and showed his hatred for Tinubu whilst misleading the public as directed by his paymasters was where he claimed that ” Tinubu tweeted that the protest would be met with fierce force if the protesters refused to call off the protest ” – Can “Dr” Bolaji Akinyemi show Nigerians the tweet? Otherwise, he should be courageous enough to apologise to Tinubu, Nigerians and also confess his sponsorship of falsehood and hatred against Tinubu.
In conclusion, it was my observations of the foregoing and other falsehood,  inconsistencies,  envy, hatred in the said article which were obviously sponsored to mislead Nigerians against Tinubu that encouraged me to conduct some investigations  about the author- “Dr” Bolaji Akinyemi. And the revelations? – ‘ Dr’ Bolaji Akinyemi is a farmer by training and practice as well as President, Project Victory Call Initiative based in Orile- Agege, Lagos State but could not find in his profile any University he attended but certainly he is not the erudite Professor Bolaji Akinyemi whose name he has been using to confuse the generality of the Nigerians whilst writing, obviously sponsored, inciting articles against high profile politicians.
The general public is hereby advised to be wary of unverifiable statements/articles from sponsored elements seeking to mislead Nigerians in order to achieve their paymaster’s unpatriotic or business objectives.

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