One of Nigeria’s top movie Acts and singer, Sheyi Ariyo, that is popularly known as Shebaby has taken a new job with an online entertainment company meant to project African contents to the world.


Shebaby in a statement made available to this medium said, “Afrion is a streaming service providing alternative movies and music that is African across multi-screen platforms, website, Android app, iOS app.

“We plan to start an Afrion movie house in Nigeria by March 2021, which will employ directly or indirectly about 100 people. This we intend to create talents in different sphere of entertainment; and also made available acting opportunities for Nigerians with talents and charisma in movies.”

Shebaby that has numerous movies and musical albums to her name said, “We intend to provide a training program to nurture Nigerian youths in the four areas of movie making, pre-production, production, post production and distribution.


“Working with a reputable organization that is based in USA and Europe as led by my able MD/CEO, George Evans, the purpose of this plan is to channel our social responsibilities towards contributing to the growth and development of the entertainment industry in Nigeria. We are of the quest of making nollywood movies and Naija hip hop easily accessible on mobile devices, PC and TV anywhere and anytime in the world.”

Shebaby also reiterated that, “We intend to provide jobs to Nigerian youths directly on our own Afrion produced movies or indirectly by supporting other independent produced movies.”

According to her, she said, “Afrion is No.1 in streaming service, providing alternative movies and music that is African across multi-screen platforms, website, Android app, iOS app and others.”


Oluwaseyi Esther Ariyo a.k.a Shebaby is an enigma that cannot be easily over sighted in the Nigerian music industry and extensively prominent in the make believe world. Shebaby as she is popularly addressed is an all round judicious entertainer that knows her onions and how to play her cards right. Shebaby as an actress- cum- musician has other areas of interest that has endeared her to the hearts of her teaming fans all over Nigeria and overseas.

To her name she has produced the following movies; Ikoko Meta, Aye alaye, Dark, Emi Ilu Eko, Apanimayoda, Itara ife, 6th commandment, Vengeance , Odaju omoge, Taiwo & Kehinde, Sibebi and others.

In her line of music, she has these albums; Tell me why, Let them say, Ara ni mo da, Red Card, King Esther and others.


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