Members of Tijaniyyah order across Nigeria will on the 28th, October this year converge in Madinatul Faydah, Abayawo Ilorin for the annual Mawlid Nabiyy Celebration of Shaykh Ibrahim Inyass.

The declaration was made today, Friday 18th September 2020 by one of the surviving sons of Shaykh Ibrahim Inyass, Surajudeen Inyass who is in Ilorin at the instance of Khalifah Shaykh Maheey Inyass who is the worldwide leader of the Tijaniyyah group.

Shaykh Surajudeen who led the congregation prayer at Madinatul Faydah, Gaa Osibi, Ilorin said the decision was made due to the exigencies placed upon the world by the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the choice of Ilorin as the hosting city of the Mawlid, he said: “Actually, for this year, it is because of this Covid. You know people are used to be traveling to Medina by roads, some of them travel by air. But everybody knows now that it’s not easy for anyone to travel even by air because of the pandemic. Right now, it will cost you like ₦500,000 or more to get to Medina (Kaolack). If you try to go by bus, all of the borders are now closed. So, that’s why we chose Ilorin to organize the Second Mawlid of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) here because this place we are today, we call it Medina.” He said.

Speaking further, “we want everybody to do the Mawlid here and we want all the people of Ilorin to know that this year In sha Allah, October 28th, the Mawlid of the Prophet (SAW) gonna be here in Medina, Second Medina of Shaykh Ibrahim Inyass here in Ilorin Insha’Allah.”

Surajudeen while enjoying the Tijaniyyah members to unite and see themselves as one, said: “my advice to all the people of Ilorin is to be one and unite. I remember the last time we visited the Emir, he asked the new Khalifah, (Shaykh Agbade) to bring everybody to work together. And that’s what we need because Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala also enjoins us to do so in the Quran.

Speaking on the COVID19 pandemic, “I can say it’s just one of us. God is the one who sent this covid-19 to the world and He sent it for a reason and Insha’Allah, it is on a mission. if it finishes with its mission, it will go back to the one who sent it (Covid-19) to the world. You know before, everybody used to think that they are the one who’s controlling everything. So today, God is showing everybody that no one is controlling anything but Him.

“That’s why I’m advising all the government to make sure they don’t forget who is giving them their positions. They have forgotten the one who’s giving them the positions. One day is coming that Allah will take all of these powers from us because it’s the only one is God.

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