The menace of fake news has increased anxiety and distrust in the nation’s capital, Abuja is receiving adequate attention from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command.



National Association of Online Security News Publishers, (NAOSNP) gathered during a courtesy visit led by its President, Mr. Oki Samson to the FCT Police spokesperson, DSP Josephine Adeh in her office at the FCT Command headquarters, Abuja. 


Affirming that the situation in Abuja is calm and everyone is going about its normal business, DSP Josephine Adeh said: “There is no cause for alarm. The only challenge we had was when this fake news started flying around and we had to manage it. The issue has heightened panic among the public. 


“The CP Babaji Sunday is not resting in its oars but has immediately set up a Committee to track down the originators of this fake news. We will get them adequately sanctioned according to the law when arrested. They will be used as examples for others. So, if you are fond of spreading fake news, desist from it. We are coming for you,” she reiterated. 


While pleading with the populace to disregard false information, DSP Adeh urged members of the public to disregard any information that is not from the right authority. 


“The IGP Usman Alkali Baba has graciously reinforced our personnel with additional manpower to boost the number of men on the ground. These are measures to keep FCT safe. Members of the public should be law-abiding and trust the Police. There is no cause for alarm”. 


On the clampdown on users of SPY police plate numbers, Adeh told NAOSNP: “We removed and seized the plate numbers from those with it, even VIPs. Fortunately, members of the public are cooperating. This was after we made the announcement and encouraged them to remove it themselves. 


“For those that habitually covered their plate numbers, we removed the covers. The ideal thing is to expose the plate numbers. There is nothing to hide about it. On this, we are not working alone but in synergy with the Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) and other agencies.” 


On the heightened political activities in the nation, NAOSNP was told that the FCT Police is active. “We are monitoring political activities. Everyone is free to campaign but do that peacefully. During elections, we expect electorates to cast their votes peacefully too. Anyone that breaks the law would be apprehended and be made to face the wrath of the law,” the FCT Police PRO, DSP Adeh stated succinctly.

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